Andrea Febbraio

Andrea –is a prolific serial digital entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience - "I love to startup digital businesses, scale them, take them international, and accelerate their growth to exit"

Andrea is also one of Europe’s most renowned speakers, who is valued as a leading, independent and outspoken voice on media, tech, online advertising and digital trends.

He was the founder of PromoDigital, a Social Media Marketing company that he later sold for four times its revenues after only two years of operation. Andrea also co-founded Ebuzzing  (now known as "Teads"), a Video Adtech company he led from startup to $100 million in revenue after four years of operation


Andrea has delivered 186 keynote speeches, masterclasses and workshops and succeeded in establishing himself as international speaker for The Royal Institution of Great Britain, IAB Forum Milan, iStrategy London, iStrategy Amsterdam, Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Dmexco Cologne, Inspirational Festival Madrid, Private Equity Forum Warsaw.

His unconventional and down to earth approach has inspired audiences across the globe. A true storyteller, he motivates the audience to think out of the box and challenges them to disrupt their industries.

Topics that Andrea covers are:

advertising, startups, entrepreneurship, social media, video advertising, virality, creativity, digital branding, technology and trends.

Andrea performs as:

keynote speaker at conferences Worldwide, Jedi lectures for corporate workshops and master classes. All keynotes are tailor-made and delivered in English or Italian. Want to pump up your next event?


Besides being a guest teacher at Bocconi University in Milan and many other business schools in Italy and abroad. Andrea delivers a series of game-changing marketing master classes that delve into future trends, encourages disruption and promotes creativity and innovation at all levels.

Leading brands, publishers, broadcasters and agencies have rated these master classes as “Oustanding” and “Mind blowing”. Masterclasses are high-level, half day, open or in-company, always tailor-made and delivered in English or Italian.

Masterclasses Topics


  • How Start-ups Are Like Rock Bands
  • How We Did It ? From 0 to 100 Million dollar revenues in 4 years
  • Money Follow Eyeballs: don’t wait the change, MAKE the change

Viral Video: Contenti s King, Distribution is Queen

  • 10 Commandaments for A Viral Vid3o
  • The Jedi skills to make a video go viral

AdTech & Online Advertising:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media Marketing (Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope)
  • Creativity & Content Marketing (Vizy, Contently, Grapestory, Niche)
  • Mobile advertising
  • Video advertising (YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram)
  • Buzz marketing
  • Programamtic & RTB
  • Big Data

Clients Brands


Viral Video Content is King, Distribution is Queen


Social video advertising: discover the most advanced industry techniques to make a Youtube video go viral

Viral Video, Content is King, Distribution is Queen is the first publication that examines the techniques and the methodologies to be used to become experts in online advertising, but above all reveals what are the 7 golden rules that you must follow to make a video become viral: to make sure it spreads, it propagate through the network attracting an increasing number of contacts, views and shares.From the choice of content, distribution channel, the right engagement time to reachdifferent audiences to the confidential "Techniques Jedi" and the ingredients of the "Mojito Mix" this book offers five valuable tips for optimizing video distribution and to reach that tipping point beyond which one can speak of viral-hit and interaction between brands, messages, and online and offline public Viral Video is a user manual for media agencies, clients and creative or just curious who want to understand what are the secrets to promote a branded content on the Internet or to understand the World of Viral Videos.

Buzz Marketing Nei Social Media


Come Scatenare Il Passaparola Online

Network, Community la nuova miniera d’oro per la creazione di valore, una nuova frontiera. Ma qual è il segreto del successo?

Come si possono pianificare attività in modo strutturato e misurabile? Quale migliore strategia per generare buzz e passaparola? Cosa rende davvero un contenuto virale? Quattro professionisti dell’universo internettiano spiegano, raccontando case history reali. quali siano alcuni dei segreti del mondo che ruota attorno al web 2.0. Un terreno in parte ancora inesplorato ma con enormi potenzialità di sviluppo perchè tutto fa credere che il valore attivo maggiore sarà nella condivisione, discussione , interpretazione delle informazioni e delle emozioni. Il testo espone alcune delle strategie di maggiore successo grazie alle quali aziende hanno operato e operano in un contesto dove le persone commentano, descrivono, condividono idee e contenuti, discutono, si confrontano su forum, blog e social media. Il Social Network conosce meglio i suoi utenti (gusti, centri di interesse, abitudini, potere d’acquisto, famiglia, amici) di un qualunque medium.

Frequently sourced by the media Andrea broad appeal ranges from interviews in to talk show appearances columns for many business magazines. To check Andrea’s availability for interviews, expert opinions, columns or comments, please click the invite button


Entrepreneur Country Forum London 2015


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